About Me

Some things about me!

Hi, My name is Mattias Gees and I am an open-source and Kubernetes enthousiast. I work and live in London.


Mattias is a technology leader working as Director of Tech at Venafi, specializing in helping companies with their Cloud Native strategy. A strong open-source enthusiast and contributor to many well-known Cloud Native projects, Mattias has been active in the ecosystem since the early days when Kubernetes was first established.

A passionate advocate for DevOps practices, Mattias uses his skills and knowledge to foster better collaboration between development and operations teams to successfully lead container-based and modern platform engineering initiatives.

More recently, Mattias has focused on DevSecOps. With a deep interest in Cloud Native Security, Software Supply Chain Security, and Workload Identity, he regularly shares his insights on how security teams can successfully adopt cutting-edge security practices.