Time for a new adventure

Time for a new adventure.

Posted by Mattias Gees on April 24, 2018 · 2 mins read

Time for a new adventure

This week is my last week at Skyscrapers. After more than three and a half remarkable years it is time to say goodbye to my great Skyscrapers colleagues. Being only 3 back in 2014, currently employing 9, I saw the company grow and change (a lot). Of those 9 people 4 people are even living outside of Belgium, which makes Skyscrapers a true remote working company.

I am looking back at my time at Skyscrapers with nothing but good memories. Thanks to Frederik I got to know the Belgian hosting market and rolled into the startup scene. I was always encouraged to try new stuff and develop my qualities by testing new technologies (as long as they were also useful to us or our customers :) ). It is also thanks to that mentality I got in touch early with Docker and Kubernetes. I wish Skyscrapers all the best. I am sure we will see eachother again at open-source and social events.

I will join London based Jetstack as a solution engineer. Jetstack is a company that is completely centered around the Kubernetes eco-system. I already had the chance to meet some new colleagues and I have to say I am looking forward to our cooperation. Matt and Matt (co-founders of Jetstack) gave me a safe and welcome feeling in their company. My first days working for Jetstack will be at Kubecon in Copenhagen, where Jetstack is present with the entire team.

This means I will leave Belgium and relocate to London. A big change as I never permanently lived outside Belgium, but I am really excited to take this opportunity and jump in this adventure. The first couple of weeks I will need to settle down and look for my own spot, but after that you are always welcome to visit me in London. I will also regularly travel back to Belgium to visit family and I will stay active in Team-Arctic, the non-profit I am a board member of.